Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365~day 9 {back to walking}

January 9th~ Project 365

project 365
These may look like an old, dirty pair of tennis shoes to you, but to me they represent healing right now.

A few weeks before Christmas (on a Sunday afternoon) I may or may not have broken a bone in my right foot. I've had issues with my feet for many years, so I've been used to some pain in my feet, but this was bad. My little Mr. C was standing on one of the wooden bench at our kitchen table & it was pushed in too far so he was about to fall. Just as I got my arms around him he began to fall & the bench fell on my foot. It hit the largest bone that connects to my big toe, right at the knuckle. I put Mr. C down & fell to the ground in agony. It was so painful & I thought for sure it must be broken. It started to bruise immediately & looked pretty bad.

Well, me being the stubborn person that I am didn't want to go in to have it checked out. How could I drive, or ride my bike with a broken foot? So I thought I would wait it out a few days to see if it would feel any better. By Thursday the bruise had spread all the way across my foot & looked much worse I thought maybe I should go into Urgent Care, but then after praying about it I decided that I didn't want to.

I couldn't wear my tennis shoes for almost a month. The day before the kids went back to school (Tues. the 5th) I tried to put my tennis shoes on so I could go walking, it hurt pretty bad still. It wasn't time yet. Then a few days later my sister invited me to do another 2 mile fun run with her in a few weeks, so I decided I needed to get my foot back in shape. After trying to put them on on Tues. I decided to start stretching the muscles out so I had already been working on that little by little all week. So today I put my tennis shoes back on & started down the street. The first stretch down my street was pretty painful, so I thought I would just finish going up my street & back & be done. But, the stretch back up the street wasn't as bad, so I just kept going & about a mile later I decided that was good for now. I was so happy & excited! I'm back to walking again!!!!

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