Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 365~day 6 {going green}

January 6th~Project 365~ My reusable bags!

project 365

About a year & a half ago I started purchasing one bag at a time from Walmart! Then I got all the white bags from volunteering with the AYSO. We got some Fresh & Easy bags for free from a family fun day we went to. I now have enough bags that I can do all of my grocery shopping without using any plastic. At the beginning I would always forget to bring the bags, but then a friend suggested to immediately hang them on the front door right after I empty them. Then the next time you're walking out to the car you'll remember to grab them. So that's what I did, & it usually works every time, as long as I remember to do this. Now I'm trying to get better at grabbing a bag or two when I go to other stores like Michaels, or a Health Food store. I've really been trying to be better about using them & it makes me feel good that I'm doing something good for our environment!

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