Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project 365~ Day 20 {art}

January 20th ~ Project 365 ~

project 365

This is right outside the art building at school. I had a little time to examine it while I ate my lunch in between classes today. I've been going to school online for the last year & a half, but this semester I had to transfer to a different campus because there are no more classes that I can take online for my degree. It was fun, interesting & I'm excited for my new classes. Intro to Digital Graphic Art & Intro to Digital Photography! Both of my instructors seem really cool & I think I'm going to love both of these classes!

It was quite interesting to see all the different types of people going to school. I saw one guy (remember this is college) who was carrying a Transformers backpack. I thought for sure I would be the oldest in my classes, but one guy beat me by about 50 years. There's a man in my photography class that is probably close to 85 or 90! That is so awesome that he still has that desire to learn & grow! I met & talked to a girl who looked like she was just out of high school, but had served 3 years in the Navy & was injured (she's been out for 5 years already). And by the way, she looks very similar to my best friend's daughter who is serving in Iraq right now, that was a little weird, but cool at the same time.

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