Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project 365~ Day 14 {fabric}

January 14th ~ Project 365 ~

project 365

This fabric represents my love for sewing. I learned how to sew many years ago when I was a teenager (my mom would probably say I was younger than that, but I don't remember that far back). I know my mom tried to teach me to sew many times when I was young, & I took Home Ec in jr. high & some other crafty classes in high school, but I never really learned to love to sew until after I had my first daughter, Miss Ryne. Way back then I had a great neighbor, Sue Ellen, who also became my good friend. Sue Ellen taught me how to be really creative with sewing & taught me so many tricks to make things easier. Back then I used to make dresses for all of my girls every Easter & Christmas. I also made other clothes as well. It was so fun to get together with a friend & share this great talent!

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