Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some beautiful things!

I've got a lot of great pictures to share with you from our recent family vacation! We went up to Northern, AZ! We spent some time at my sisters home & then went camping. I love spending time out in nature! Not only is it very peaceful, but there's so many great photo opportunities!

Here is our campfire. There's something very nostalgic about sitting around a campfire! So many good memories remain there...staying up late with my cousins when I was a teenager, telling stories, play "Murder in the Dark", etc. Now we don't stay up quite as late, but we still have fun talking around the campfire! Oh & don't forget the s'mores! Those are the best!
My Aunt & Uncle love hummingbirds (as well as my dad), so they have a few hummingbird feeders around their camp area every year. It was very difficult to get a picture of this little guy, because he was so fast, but I did it.

These two are probably some of my favorites! I love the raindrops sitting on the petals!

This is my son looking out at the beautiful mountains while we were driving down a mountain in the back of a pickup!
Some ranchers came & parked their trailer right across from our campsite. It turned out that the man that owned this, and several other horses knows my cousin so he let us take the kids on a ride.
Daughter #3 gave me this little wildflower while I was reading my scriptures, so I thought this would be a great photo op!
some beautiful skies
here's a few really interesting cactus flowers...does anyone know what these flowers are called?
And this one?

I love these ones!
I love this one too!
Some stormy skies, with my kids & some cousins (do you see them like little ants?)

I love these ones too! I had passed by these several times while driving through Taylor and drove my husband crazy when I pulled over to take photos of flowers! He just doesn't understand!

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